The names of the generals of the new DG ISI have been sent to the Prime Minister. Big claim

Summary of the new DG ISI, which generals were sent to the Prime Minister …

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online): Private TV ARY News has claimed that the names of three generals have been included in the summary sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for the appointment of a new Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (DG ISI). Are

ARY News, citing sources, claimed that a summary for the appointment of the new DG ISI has been received by the Prime Minister’s Office which will be decided by tomorrow. Prime Minister Imran Khan will sign the summary tomorrow, after which the appointment of a new DG ISI will be announced.

Sources said that the summary sent by the Ministry of Defense also included the name of Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum. These are the same generals whose names were announced on October 6 by the Pakistan Army Public Relations Department. They are currently the Corps Commander of Karachi. The summary also names Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali. He is serving as Commander Southern Command. In addition, the name of Chief of Logistics Staff GHQ Lieutenant General Saqib Malik is also part of the summary.

Source: Daily Pakistan

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